Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's March..........

March is here and there are so many things that have already happened and are going to happen. This is a busy month for our family!! I know we have all blogged about it but seriously......I have lived in Montgomery all my life and I can honestly say there has only been one other time in my life that I have seen it snow like it did on March 1st......and that was in the month of April when i was 7 years old.........crazy I know. Hot as it can be around Christmas and snowing in March and April........nuts!!! I did enjoy the snow though and it was Addison's first experience with snow......we didn't take her outside because she has been sick but she stood at the window and looked outside for what seemed like hours beating on the window to go outside. It was precious!! She got a glimpse of it on our way to church that morning but wasn't a fan since it was so cold.

On another note, we are staying busy for the next several weekends.........we are going to visit some of our closet friends on saturday, Ted and Ashley, and I absolutely can not wait!! I haven't seen them in too long and Brandon and I are so excited!! Then on the 21st we are helping with the Footprints to the Finishline Fun Run which will be awesome. I have several showers that I have attended and will be attending for babies and weddings over the next several weeks...........However, the most exciting event by far this month is our precious angels very first birthday!!! I know, it's crazy that one year ago I was going out of my mind because i was so ready to see my daughter for the very first time and now we are celebrating her first birthday!! She will be one year old on March 23rd and her birthday party will be saturday March 28th. She was actually born on Easter last year so we are having an Easter Egg hunt for her birthday........I thought it was a perfect fit. I am looking forward to that special day with our family and friends. I will be sure to let you know how that goes.

Hope all is well with all of you!!

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