Tuesday, August 11, 2009

And so it begins........

Yesterday was the first day of school!!!! It's so crazy how fast summer flys by now days and here we are at the beginning of another school year!!! I am excited about the year and what this year will bring!!! No doubt it'll bring times of stress but it'll also bring times of joy and laughter!!! I am so fortunate that I work with great people.........and great students!!!!
On another note, my busy schedule stays in tact for a least another few weeks!!!! Obviously football season and coaching will keep me busy but also other things in my personal life will keep me busy.........such as Brittany and Cody's wedding which happens to be THIS weekend.......YAY!!! I also have mine and Brandon's 4 year wedding anniversary!!! CrAzY!!!! I can't believe it's almost been 4 years since we said "I Do" and what an amazing 4 years it has been!!! We also have Elizabeth and Robby's wedding in September that we will be attending!!!! It is going to be a crzy busy time for us but we are so excited about all the things going on in the lives of our friends and family!!!
Speaking of friends.......we found out in the last few weeks that 4 of our friends are parents-to-be!!!! It is so amazing to see all these people preparing for parenthood and what a blessing these children will be!!!! Congratulations to ALL of you and you know who you are!!! =)
Well, that's all for now!! Tootles!!!

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