Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer is coming to a close!!!

So as July draws to a close I realize that I am exactly 8 days from going back to my work place!! I have been up there over the summer with practices and camp but I officially start back with pictures and inservice next week!! It is absolutely crazy how fast the summer months go now!! I remember being out for 12-14 weeks when I was in school and now we're down to only 10 week summers!!! I wish it was more but I must admit I am ready for my schedule to be back in order!! In my last post I listed all my busy adventures I had going on and while most of them at this point are over, I still have a few left!!!
Our North Carolina trip was amazing as usual and I can't wait to see them all again in Spetember when Elizabeth gets married!!! Brittany's trip was awesome and I had so much fun!!! Can't wait for her wedding in just 2 short weeks!!! We are leaving for the beach thursday and I absolutely can NOT wait!!! It's my last summer vacation before hitting the ground running with school and I am so ready for one last relaxation trip with the fam!!! I will be sure to post pictures when we get back!!
My girls did awesome at camp......I had one get hurt 3 days before we left for camp but my girls pulled through and did a fantastic job all week!!! It was the first week I've ever had at a cheer camp with NO DRAMA, NO BICKERING, NO FIGHTING!!! They all actually got along and it was very pleasant!! I am so blessed to have such a great group of girls and parents and I am so excited about this year!!
Well, that's about it for now......will post again SOON!!!

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