Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It is here.......

We are full force into football season and it is fabulous. Our team at the school is doing well and of course our Auburn Tigers are doing well this year too! YAY! We have enjoyed some great times already with family and friends during this football season and it has only just begun!!
On that note, we had a bit of a scary weekend a few weeks ago. On September 12th my parents were in Auburn at the game tailgating with some friends and having a great time. Apparently my dad got bit or stung by something on his leg and he started itching really bad all over. He told my mom he felt like his ears were swelling so a lady at their tailgate site gave him some benedryl to help. He stood up and walked to the truck where he collapsed to the ground. They helped him up and went to get him a chair and when they got him a chair he collapsed AGAIN into the chair. Of course my mom and everyone else were terrified so they called 911. They took him by ambulance to the hospital where he was treated with an epinephrine shot for an allergic reaction. He was feeling alright on the way to the hospital but his blood pressure was 60/20 which is dangerously low and they kept him there until about 6:40. He left there with a prescription for an epi pen to carry with him at all times and even though my parents missed the game, they were so thankful he was alright as were my sister and I!! If nobody had been with him to give him that benedryl, it could have been fatal!! To top this off, it was his BIRTHDAY!!! Yep, it was and it was one he will never forget!! I am so glad he is okay!

On another note, we have been waiting for months now on Elizabeth and Robby's wedding and it's finally arrived!! We leave this thursday to head to North Carolina for this wonderful time with family and friends!! I absolutely can not wait for this mini vacation! =) It is going to be so exciting as weddings always are and I am glad we get to be apart of it with everyone up there! I'll post pictures when we return!


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