Thursday, December 17, 2009


It has been a while so I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had the most amazing time as a family during our 8 day stay at Disney World over Thanksgiving and I am so blessed that we were all able to go and enjoy our time together. It was nice to get away for a short time to relax and see this fairy tale world through the eyes of our angel. I have made many trips to Disney World, but none like this trip. There is something about going with your child and seeing things through their eyes that makes it even more special. Addison was in awe of everything around her. She starred at lights, characters, shows, etc. in pure amazement and it was the most adorable thing ever. She went the first 3 days we were there without a nap because she refused to miss anything. She was the best baby for the entire trip from the travel there to the travel back, she was a pure joy and I am so blessed that she is our daughter. I am continuously filled with more love for my precious angel as the days go by. Our thanksgiving tradition has always been that we say things we are thankful for, but being out of town we were unable to do that with our entire family this year. I must say though that I am so thankful for my husband and daughter. They are my world and they complete me. I can not imagine my life without them in it. I love them both so very much. I am also thankful for my parent, without whom I wouldn't be who I am today and I am so blessed by God that he chose me to be their daughter. They amaze me more every day and the love and dedication they show me, my family, and my daughter is such an inspiration. I hope Brandon and I can be those kind of parents to Addison as she grows and matures. I am also so thankful for my sister. I got lucky!! We haven't always gotten along, but in these last few years, we are closer than I could have ever imagined and I thank God every day for her and my brother-in-law and their three children. They are such a joy and I am so glad they are apart of our family. I am blessed to have the most amazing friends in the world who lift me up when I am down and are there for me any time I need them. God has been so good to us and I pray that each and every one of you are just as blessed as I am.

On another note, Addison is growing like crazy. She is 21 months old......yes, you heard me right she will be 2 years old in March!!! I absolutely can't believe my little girl is almost 2!! Time is flying right by me and it's hard to believe it has been that long since she arrived. She has 10 teeth now and they just keep on coming. She is walking, well running, everywhere and is so much fun. Her belly laughs get me every time I hear them. There is no sound in the world sweeter than hearing your baby laugh and giggle. She talks to us all the time and has a new word every day which is so much fun. Every stage has been more enjoyable than the last and I am excited about all the new things to come.

Thats all for now, until next time!! =)

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