Monday, November 2, 2009

Pictures and Updates

Me and my sweet husband

Mr. and Mrs. Robby Stephens

Elizabeth, Me, and Sarah
Elizabeth and I

Brandon and Robby

Elizabeth and Brandon

I can hardly believe it's already November. This year is flying by so fast and I have been way behind on my posts and pictures I promised so the above pictures are of our trip to North Carolina in September for Robby and Elizabeth's wedding!! We had such a wonderful time up there and oh how beautiful it was in the mountains!!

Halloween has come and gone so quickly this year but Addison had a blast!! We took her to our fall festival at HBC and she had a big time sliding down the slides and getting lots of candy for mommy and daddy to eat!! =) She was a pink leopard this year and it was adorable. She is getting so big and I can't believe she's 19 months old!! Wow, how time flys!!

On another note, Macon-East football is getting exciting as we head into the first round of the play-offs this friday night. We ended the regular season 8-2 . We take on Morgan Academy in Selma this friday night. I'll keep you posted as to how we do. I can't wait to see our boys play this week with so much on the line.

Last update for this post is that we are headed to Walt Disney World in just 18 short days!! This will be Addison's first trip to Disney World and Brandon and I are so excited about taking her. My whole family is going as we are spending the entire week of thanksgiving down there so it'll be fun!! I'll be sure to post pictures and updates from that amazing trip!!

That's it for now.....tootles!!

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