Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter 2009

I know that Easter was a week ago but my life has been so amazingly busy I am just now finding time to write about it. It was Addison's first Easter even though she was born on Easter last year........we actually got to celebrate it together!! :) Her dress was adorable if I do say so myself......and I know that I am partial but it was beautiful. I bought it for Easter but also for two weddings that she will be in just around the corner. She made it precious....... :)

Our Sunday School class had an Easter Egg Hunt that Saturday Morning at Deer Creek. It was so much fun watching those kids find eggs all over the place. Then we went to my parents for our family Easter celebration where we had another Easter Egg Hunt with all the was so fun watching them get excited about finding eggs in GiGi and Papa B's back yard. We ate dinner together with our parents, grandparents, uncles, etc. and it was a blast spending time with our family.

On Easter Sunday we went to church and our sunday school lesson was ablsolutely amazing. Glenn did a great job as he always does. Then we headed down to the barn to eat lunch with Brandon's mom and tim and their family. Lunch was amazing as usual and we really enjoyed being with everyone. Addison enjoyed her very first Easter this year with many more to come!!

Easter is always a time of reflection for me........I think about what Jesus did for me and I am just in awe that he loved me enough to die for me. Easter isn't the only time I think about this but because of what Easter stands for it always hits me on Easter Sunday just how lucky we are to be here and be living for Him!! It is also a time for me to be thankful......thankful for what He did for me but also thankful for what he has given me. He has blessed me beyond words. I am blessed to have such an amazing husband who loves me and our daughter unconditionally, blessed to have a happy, healthy daughter who is such a joy to be around and watch her grow, blessed to have a wonderful family who stands beside me 100% of the time and loves me for who I am, blessed to have a sister whom I couldn't be closer to and love more than anything and her family is a joy to me and it warms my heart that God blessed her with a husband and children who love her and appreciate her, blessed with a wonderful job working with amazing people, and blessed with the best friends a girl could EVER ask for in her lifetime!! God is so good!!!

I hope all of you had a blessed Easter!!

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