Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Time......

It's been a while since my last post!! We ended the school year and as soon as I left here the last day of school I didn't even think about coming up here for anything.......because I knew that in just 2 short weeks I would be back up here for summer practice. That is not a bad thing, however I must say I liked having those 2 weeks all to myself to layout, run errands, and just be lazy!! We started summer practice yesterday and it went suprisingly well!! I knew that the girls hadn't done a thing since leaving in May so my expectations were low........but they exceeded them!! So, now I am back at macon 4 days a week until camp which is in July!!
As for the rest of my summer.........I will be a busy bee!! I really dont think I'll be able to slow down long enough to count to 10!! Obviously Father's Day is this weekend and then there's bridal showers for my sister-in-law Brittany, then we go to North Carolina to visit Brandon's dad over the 4th, then we have camp, then I leave for Britt's bachelorette trip, then my mother's birthday, then our beach trip with friends, then we have in-service, and of course then school starts back!!!!!! Tired yet?? I sure am and I am just beginning!!! =) I also have 2 weddings in a matter of a month starting in August.......along with football season and my own anniversary!! Whew........it's alot!! BUT, I am lucky to have a great job, a wonderful family, and amazing friends to spend my life with!! A girl couldn't ask for more!!! Well, that's about it for today........I'll have a Father's Day post up soon!! Hugs and Kisses!!!

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