Thursday, May 28, 2009


Last Sunday we had a great lesson in Sunday School that really got me thinking about how important my job is and the influence I have on the kids around me. The funny thing is that this lesson came just 2 days after I had a student come into my office and sit to talk to me for 2 hours about personal things going on in her life. I was completely caught off guard and remember sitting in my chair thinking "Okay God, what do i say to that??" I have been around children and teaching for several years but never have I had this experience with teaching/witnessing to a student. I didn't know what I would say or what would come out of my mouth when I opened it to speak to her but He gave me the words to say that would help her and give her the guidance HE wanted her to have. Even though I shouldn't be amazed I was.......I was amazed at how he used me at the most unexpected time to teach a child what they needed to know........about HIM!! It was most definitely a humbling experience!!

On another note, some very good friends of ours are moving to Georgia this weekend.......this is a great opportunity for them but was also a very hard decision for them to make. He too is a teacher and band director and makes a HUGE impact in the lives of the students he leads. I know that the Lord is going to use them in a awesome way in Georgia!! They are such sweet, amazing people and I am truly going to miss them!! Good Luck Jon and Beth......we love you both and that precious baby boy very much!!

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