Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mommy Moment

Well, I haven't blogged about Addison in a while so I figured today the blog would be dedicated to her!! She is growing and changing so much all the time and last night I had a melt down about it!! When Brandon brings her home from daycare, I always pick her up and start playing with her, asking her how her day was, and loving that smile she gives me and Brandon all the time!! Yesterday was no different.......until I heard Brandon say "well, she's growing up so fast that daycare is moving her up to the next room"!! I wanted to cry.......and I did shortly after I read the notice we got sent home to us!! It talked about how we needed to send her in shoes everyday because she would be outside on the playground, and how they have song time, play time, reading time, etc. and I just lost it!! It is so good and healthy for her to move up and grow and change........and I guess I never really think about how big she really is getting until I get those notes and I realize how fast she is growing.........and I had a melt down about it!! I can't believe how fast time is flying by and how much she is changing and growing every single day!! She is walking, trying to say words we say and saying some of them right, sitting in her own chair like a big girl and playing by herself to entertain herself without us having to entertain her!! Some of these, well, all of these things are wonderful and huge milestones and I am so happy that she is accomplishing all these things.........but as her momma I just got sad about it for a few moments!!! This time last year she wasn't even rolling over yet much less crawling, talking, cutting teeth, or anything and now......I can't keep up, she has four teeth, she has the cutest shoes in the world, she loves on Toby ALL the time and she actually hugs and "gives us love" every day!! She understands what we are saying to her and responds to is crazy!! But, I must admit that after my mommy moment of sadness, I am so proud of my baby girl!! She will be 14 months old on saturday and what a wonderful ride these last 14 months have been!! As sad as I was about her moving rooms, I am excited about all the wonderful things to come in her life!!

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